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The exact management plan for your specific property will be determined by your financial needs, desires, short and long term goals and objectives. Other determining factors include the size, age, condition, and location of the physical structure, and tenant profile.

Once the management plan is in effect, the R.E.M.S., Inc. functions as a professional property owner by devoting management expertise to:


  • Advertising
  • Sales

Application Screening

  • Providing managers with computer access to credit bureaus
  • Training managers in all areas to ensure the best tenant profile

Appearance of Property and Staff

  • Training staff to properly prepare, show and lease property
  • Establishing curb appeal

Resident Relations

  • Responding to tenant requests
  • Renewing leases
  • Minimizing turnover ratio
  • Handling delinquencies, returned checks and coordinate with eviction attorney


  • Controlling cost of expenditures
  • Maximizing income

Property Maintenance

  • Performing preventative maintenance
  • Handling vendor contracts
  • Controlling inventory of parts, tools and equipment
  • Maintaining air conditioning, painting, cleaning and supplies, appliances, plumbing, carpet and floor coverings, draperies, pool, pest control, landscaping, and security
  • Coordinating emergency procedures

Employee Relations

  • Performing personnel reviews
  • Providing operational manual

Financial Reports

  • Creating computerized operating statements with receipts to owner utilizing several systems such as Yardi, Realty Automation, Quicken and Quickbooks
  • Preparing year-end 1099 statement