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Management Services

Modern Kitchen

  • Comprehensive monthly operating statements using the AppFolio Property Manager
  • 24 Hour Emergency answering service
  • Complete vacancy preparation
  • Thorough screening of prospective tenants
  • Rent collection
  • Accounts payable services (mortgage, taxes, etc.)
  • Coordinate building maintenance and repairs
  • Handle tenant relations
  • Serve notices
  • Initiate and monitor unlawful detainer actions when necessary

When you employ REMS to increase the value of your investment you will realize that good management doesn’t cost … IT PAYS!

If we can start professional management of your investment property within 24 hours of signing a one-year contract, can you see any reason why you shouldn’t authorize us to go to work for you?

Let us know what you want to accomplish, and we will design a program to meet your needs. Call Kelly at (310) 793-9500

If we can deliver the professional management service now, and that pays, can you see any reason why you shouldn’t call?

First we …

  • Determine your objectives and formulate a plan to achieve them

Then we …

  • Collect your rents
  • Handle slow payers and non-payers
  • Issue 3 day and 30 day notices
  • Supervise evictions and lockouts
  • Handle tenant complaints
  • Handle tenants conflicts

When necessary, we …

  • Handle emergency maintenance, including 24 hour / 7 days per week emergency service
  • Maintain tenant relations
  • Inspect premises
  • Conduct tenant education

Every month, we produce a complete computerized operating statement tracking every cent of income and expense.
Increase your control by:

  1. Having someone else handle the day-to-day problems and hassles of property management
  2. Having property management specialists available to make recommendations at your request
  3. Having timely, accurate, complete reports at your fingertips to facilitate in analysis and tax preparation
  4. Having the objectivity of top management
  5. Having the freedom to move and utilize your time to the best advantage

When a tenant moves out, we …

  • Itemize deductions from the security deposit
  • Secure the property
  • Summarize actions needed to bring the unit to rent-ready
  • Supervise renovation of vacancy
  • Supervise painting (if needed)
  • Supervise repairs
  • Supervise cleaning

Then we …

  • Advertise for new tenants
  • Show vacant unit
  • Interview prospective tenants
  • Screen prospective tenants
  • Collect the security deposits
  • Give keys

We also …

  • Pay all bills, including utilities, mortgages, vendors, insurance premiums

And we mail you your profits
We recommend ways to reduce your risk, including …

  • Inadequate insurance coverage
  • Potential legal liabilities, health hazards, ordinance violations, impending rent control, effects of changing laws, changing neighborhood trends and rising cost factors